This country…

I do not understand what is going on in this country. The Nazis led this country into the most terrible war in history—so far. They killed millions of people. They forced good people to shoot other good people from neighbouring, nearby, and overseas countries who could otherwise have become friends. I remember having to learn why, in the time of my childhood, so many men were walking around with missing legs and arms… Then we needed other countries to rid us of violence, killing, and fear—from this regime of pure evil. And then, we desperately needed people, women, and men from other countries to help us build this country up again. Slowly, really slowly, we have learned to begin to understand other cultures—while we had raided them earlier. Today, we are so dependent on people from other countries to run almost everything in this country. How on earth could you ever even develop the idea that removing people of other cultures from this country could solve any problem in our society? Are we now at a stage where some, with a seemingly growing tendency, honestly consider entering into this evil loop again? Go to Auschwitz, to Birkenau, to Dachau, to Buchenwald, to Flossenbürg… and learn what pure evil looks like and what it is doing. Deportation is one step (not the first one; the first one is hate) leading to annihilation and genocide. Learn that national socialism is pure evil. It is nothing but destructive. Destroying people, friendships, families, countries, cultures… and will lead to nothing(!) but destruction. And then, when you go voting, ask yourself if this is the Alternative for Deutschland (alternative for Germany) you really want.

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